About Silesian Garage

The Silesian Garage was established to provide a full range of diagnostic and repair services for cars of all makes and models, at a high level and to ensure a fair price for repairs and services.

Providing car electrical services, computer diagnostics, mechanical repairs of everything that is in your car.

Maintenance Service

Service inspections according to manufacturer’s specifications using branded oils and filters.

Service is not just changing the engine oil, it is checking all the important points of your vehicle.
Vehicle manufacturers require additional maintenance. They are related to the mileage and age of the vehicle, requiring the replacement of additional filters, oils and other parts.
Each service comes with a report detailing the condition of your vehicle and a list of future repairs that are required.

If you are not sure what service your vehicle requires, please contact us.

Diagnostics Service

Computer diagnostics of all vehicle components with a full report.

Fault analysis for quick and cost-effective repair.

Programming and coding of controllers.

Activating hidden and additional options.

Porsche Specialist

I have 12 years of experience working with Porsche cars.
Using my knowledge and experience, I am able to solve any problem in your Porsche.

No FIXED prices for service and repairs, each work is agreed with the customer as to the type of parts used: “Genuine” or “OEM quality”.